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AmigaOne - Hardware

Initially the AmigaOne was to have been released in two versions, the 600MHz G3-based AmigaOneG3-SE, and the 700MHz G4-based AmigaOne-XE, with a third cheaper 700MHz G3-based AmigaOne-XE to be released later. A dual processor board was also  promised.

In reality, the AmigaOneG3-SE motherboards using the 750CXe processor running at 600MHz were released first. These were followed by the AmigaOne XE-G3 motherboards running the 750Fx v2.2 processor at 800MHz. And finally in June 2003 the AmigaOne XE-G4 motherboards running the MPC7455 v2.1 processor at 800MHz processor were released, and while they were allegedly upgradeable to 933MHz warrantied and 1066MHz unwarrantied, some users encountered overheating or reliability problems and most still run at 800MHz.

Then in September 2003, the 1066MHz G4 (upgradeable to 1.3GHz warrantied) AmigaOne Lite was announced, and this subsequently renamed to the MicroA1. It was later announced that there would be two versions; the MicroA1-C would be a Consumer version while the MicroA1-I would be an Industrial version, both with reduced specifications from the original announcement and these would become available late in 2004. A limited number of Micro A1-C motherboards were released, and stock quickly ran out. A few turned up at a show in Europe later in the year and all sold as well, so effectively we have been unable to obtain any new motherboards for several years now.

In September 2005, Troika announced the Amy 05, a G3-based ITX board with unspecified processor and speed, but requiring an add-on PCI graphics card. They hoped it would be available later in 2005, but by May 2006 not even a prototype has been demonstrated. However the project is still continuing.

In addition to the specifications for each machine accessible from the links above, we have also prepared a Comparison of all of the available boards.

In October 2005, Amont Informatique said they were initiating a project to develop a CPU module for the AmigaOne XE, but as yet nothing seems to have materialised. The subject was raised late in April 2006, in response to the following announcement, and we were advised that the project was still on but that it had been delayed by Amont moving to a new location 800 miles away.

In April 2006, ACK Software Controls, Inc. announced the upcoming availability of two new AmigaOne XE CPU modules. The first CPU module would be equipped with a Freescale MC7448 CPU clocked at 1GHz which would retail for $500.00 US Dollars. The second CPU module would be equipped with a Freescale MC7448 clocked at 1.7GHz and would retail for $850.00 US Dollars. Both CPU modules would be equipped with a high quality heatsink and fan to ensure quiet, reliable operation. Prototype modules were to be demonstrated in May 2006, but only limited production runs were expected. These may help existing XE owners to run faster but it will do nothing for those still waiting for a suitable machine to run AmigaOS 4.0.

Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

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