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AmigaOne - U-Boot - Boot Preferences Menus

The U-Boot Menu system is easier to use than the console mode. It allows you to define settings, display information about your system, which disk you want to boot from, etc.

U-Boot Menu Usage
The following usage information applies to all U-Boot Boot Menus.

  • The parameter to be modified (or selected) is highlighted by a green bar.
  • To move to the value you want to modify (or select), use the up/down arrow keys.
  • Press <Enter> to change (or select) it. In case of a changeable setting, you'll then be able to select a different value from a drop down menu, or to enter some text to modify a text based setting.
  • Everywhere in the menus, <Enter> is used to select/modify and <Esc> is used to quit/cancel.
U-Boot Preferences Menu
The preferences menu is used to permanently change any of the boot settings and is invoked by pressing any key other than <Enter> while the U-Boot Menudelay panel is in countdown mode.

U-Boot Preferences Menu

The menu contains a list of parameter groups that can be edited:
Video Options Specifies whether the first PCI slot or the AGP slot is to be used for the graphics card.
Integrated Peripherals Specifies the settings for the integrated peripherals, such as the serial port, parallel port, USB ports, and IDE devices.
Memory Specifies memory limits and whether they are enforced.
Boot Sequence Specifies the various boot parameters for AmigaOS and Linux.
PCI/AGP Specifies the IRQ level and trigger values for the PCI Interrupts, as well as configuring the AGP Bridge.
System Information Displays information about the system.
Default/Fix Settings Restores setting to factory defaults or recovers lost settings.
Diagnostics Run self tests and system diagnostic routines to check parameters etc.

U-Boot Preferences Menu - Exit Options
To exit from the U-Boot Preferences Menu simply press <Esc>. This will result in a small popup window appearing from where you can select how you want to exit, and what you want to happen next.

Boot Selection Menu Exit Options

  • Save settings and exit can be used to save the modified configuration before resuming the boot process.
  • Use settings for this session only can be used to retain any changes that you have made and resume the boot process without saving the changes.
  • Leave without saving can be used to abort any changes that you have made and resume the boot process using the saved configuration.
  • Return to menu can be used to return to the U-Boot Preference Menu (same as pressing <Esc>).
  • Abort boot and enter U-Boot shell can be used to abort any changes that you have made and invoke the U-Boot Console Display instead.
Disclaimer: Amiga Auckland have prepared the above information for the use of its members based on our experiences and as such is subject to revision at any time. Amiga Auckland cannot guarantee any of the information and cannot be held accountable for any issues that may result from using it.

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