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1998 - The Amiga Lazarus

From MacWEEK.com on its web page dated October 27, 1998, was the headline "¡Hola, Amiga!", with the following article attributed to Mac the Knife:

Lazarus come forth.

.... The Knife's spin doctors inform him that Apple is in a USDA Choice tizzy over an alleged plan by Gateway to breath life into Lazarus, the code name for a line of super Amiga boxes based on the PowerPC G3 and slated to ship in 1999. Here's the skinny: Some pie-eyed observers insist that the G3 silicon runs AmigaOS 4.0 faster and smoother than it does Mac OS 8.5 or Rhapsody. Adding insult to injury, Lazarus will ship with a Mac emulation option that wil allegedly run 680x0-based Mac applications faster than a Power Mac. D'oh! But wait. That's not all: Gateway is also reportedly planning to run AmigaOS 4.0 on Intel processors complete with Mac emulation. Double-d'oh! Moving right along, AmigaOS 4.0's virtual machine mode, which can boot another OS and run it natively, should allow Lazarus users to boot BeOS out of the box and the Mac OS with just a soupcon of additional software. A deer! A female deer!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Knife's grim-faced cadre of special prosecutors, the Knife has cobbled together a preliminary set of specs for the CHRP-compliant package: A $1,400 Lazarus package that includes a 15-inch monitor will pack 266-MHz G3 chip, an SVGA video port, two Universal Serial Bus ports, two RS-232C serial ports, one EPP parallel port, built-in SCSI-3, a 32-speed CD-ROM drive, a 3-Gbyte hard disk, 16Mbytes of SDRAM, a V.90 56-Kbps modem, four PCI slots, three Zorro slots and -- dig this! -- a 1.44-Mbyte floppy drive. (An IDE Zip drive will be optional.)

An Open Letter to the Amiga Community - October 29, 1998

The recent article in MacWeek concerning the Gateway/Amiga computer is completely false. While entertaining reading, there is no truth to the story, I am sure that we will all look forward to the next story from another non-Amiga publication, as they try to get it right. Thank you again for your support.

Bill McEwen, Head of Marketing, Amiga Inc.

Amiga Inc Debunks Mac The Knife Article - October 29, 1998

Mac the Knife? Mac the Naff more like... For those concerned about the recent Mac the Naff article describing the LazyRus, the new snoozy walrus rumoured to be breeding up in the flat, flat lands of South Dakota, please rest assured that this story is about as factual as a Milosevic peace accord. We would never present the Amiga community with something so ordinary. Whilst Apple and all their little pips may be happy with an average machine stored in a transulent blue potty, (a reference to the new Apple I-Mac) we are set to rewrite the manifesto for the digital information revolution..... unfortunately, as with most good things, it takes time.

Fleecy Moss at Black Sheep Enterprises.

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