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1996 - The Amiga "Mind Walker"

Technical Specifications:
68EC030 40MHz
up to 128MB FastRAM
AGA Chipset + Tony (new)
OS 3.5 / 3.9
1440Kb floppy disk
One slot made of two sub connectors
for general expansion and
built-in IDE harddisk interface with
up to 4 500MB - 5GB 3.5" drives
front drive bay IDE CDROM
4 channel stereo sound
Serial, Parallel, RGB, Mouse
and Joystick ports.

A concept from the Escom years that never reached the market, we believe that the Mind Walker was the only Amiga machine to reach prototype stage before Escom went belly up. It combined the classic AGA architecture with mainstream technologies and readily available PC parts. The case design by Frog Design in 1995 remains a unique and easily identifiable symbol in the Amiga market, that has been compared to a Darth Vadar helmet, a hoover and a robot dog called K9 from Doctor Who.

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