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1993 - The Amiga A5000

This was the name considered, but not confirmed, for Commodore's fifth generation machine containing the AAA chipset, the enhanced memory capabilities and the new AmigaDOS Operating System. Although several prototypes machine did get built, they never got to the fully operational stage and there is speculation regarding their current location, since it is rumoured that they disappeared when Commodore announced their decision to quit.

However, in Februrary 1993, Amiga Format published their version of the A5000 (shown above) which was essentially a reworked A4000 but with 24-bit graphic display, 16-bit sound, internal CD-ROM drive, and SCSI-2 interface.The machine specifications were based on a combination of speculation and fact, in an attempt to placate those who were disappointed with what many considered the low specs of the A4000.

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