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AAlogo.gif (5442 bytes) Brief History of
Amiga New Zealand
Amiga New Zealand was founded in 1986 by Roger Manson. Monthly meetings were held in a church hall in Takapuna on Auckland's North Shore, where at times more than 100 members would attend, many of whom would also take their computers. Each meeting night would generally begin and end with members copying disks from the club's PD library of floppy disks, mainly from Fred Fish, which the club obtained directly from the USA. With between 10 and 20 new disks arriving each month, it was important for members to take their machines along in order to copy as many disks as possible. In fact two members from Hamilton would drive up every meeting night (approx 130kms each way) just to obtain copies of the latest disks on behalf of the Hamilton Amiga Users Group.

Over the next few years other sub-groups formed in Henderson (West Auckland), Pakuranga (South East Auckland), Ellerslie (Central Auckland) and a New Users Group in Glenfield (North Shore), each with their own PD libraries, all under the auspices of Amiga New Zealand. In 1991 the Pakuranga branch broke away to become an independent branch calling themselves South East Amiga, although some contact was maintained with Amiga New Zealand, and many members ended up belonging to both groups.

In September 1992, Roger Manson withdrew from the club's activities due to ill health (he died in July 1993) and after a brief period of confusion, the club was reformed as "Amiga Auckland" with a new constitution and a new direction.

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